Appliance Repair: Why do I need my model number for service?

When you discover that your appliance is broken your probably not thinking about how you’re going to get it fixed, rather, who am I going to get to fix this? You do a quick Google search for appliance repair near you, or maybe you call the manufacturer, and you find us at PDQ Repair Services. What’s the first thing we ask for? Besides your name, address and phone number, we need to know the model and a serial number of your appliance.

Find out why these numbers are so important and discover common places they are to make your search easier and faster.


When a technician is called to diagnose the problem with your appliance, most of the time replacement parts will be needed for the repair. Our trained technicians can research and locate the correct parts needed for a repair ahead of the scheduled visit. They then order the parts prior to the first visit. This way we save you time and money by getting the job done the first time we visit.

As an authorized service center for almost all major brands, we have additional resources and tools available to our trained technicians. Using the information you give us for the model and serial number, we can look up recalls and service notices from the manufacturer that provide additional resources for our technicians.

In addition, the model and serial number tag is important when purchasing a appliance second-hand. If the tag is missing from an appliance there is a good chance that it was inspected at one point and determined to be unrepairable. In these cases, an authorized service center or warranty company will remove the model and serial tag to let others know that the unit is “totaled” or unrepairable. By removing the tag the unit then becomes void. The warranty and/or any warranty from an authorized service center is also void.

Locating the Model and Serial Tag

All appliances have the brand name on the front of the unit, and may contain a series of numbers—this is not the manufacturer’s model number. Most manufacturer model numbers contain a combination of letters, numbers, and dashes. The model/serial tag is usually found on the inside of the unit, or on the lip where the door rests against the body or frame. This is true for almost all appliances.

WARNING: The model number listed on sales receipts, shipping boxes, and energy guide stickers is usually only a partial model number. Do not use these sources to obtain your model number. Also, the Use and Care manual is not a good way to find your model number; these booklets cover multiple different models, so there is no way of identifying which model number is for your appliance.

Common Places to Look

Here are some common places to look for specific appliances:

Refrigerators / Freezers: Usually the model tag is located near the top shelf of the fresh food section on a tag on the side wall.

Samsung Parts

Top Load Washers: Model tag is most often inside the lid area where the lid shuts, though sometimes on top of the control panel area.

Front Load Washers: Usually the tag is inside the area where the door shuts

Dryers: Usually this tag is present where the door shuts

Dishwashers: Usually the model tag is either on the tub frame where the door shuts, or sometimes directly on the side of the inner door panel.

Cooktop: The model tag is inconveniently located on the underside of the cooktop, so it is most often accessed from the cabinet below the cooktop.

Microwave: The tag is usually where the door shuts, or sometimes on the left wall inside the microwave on over the range units. On countertop models, this tag may be on the back side of the microwave instead.

Wall Oven: The tag is often inside one of the doors, on the frame where the door closes.

Freestanding Range: Usually you have to remove or open the bottom drawer, and the tag is on one of the legs that are normally covered by the drawer. Exception: On Maytag Gemini Freestanding Double Ovens, there is a flag similar to on a mailbox located on the upper rear of the control panel that lifts up to give you the model and serial number.


At PDQ Appliance Repair our goal is to help you get your appliance back and working correctly as soon as possible. Providing the correct model number is important to prevent delayed service or delivery of the wrong appliance parts. Most manufacturer model numbers contain a combination of letters, numbers, and dashes. The model/serial tag is usually found on the inside of the unit, on the lip where the door rests against the body or frame. When providing the manufacturer’s model number, it is important to record the exact number from the Model Number Tag.

If you’re having trouble with your appliance and/or need help locating your model number, contact one of our friendly customer service professionals for assistance. 

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