Choosing the Right Repair Company

Appliance repairs can be a challenging and complex process that requires a certain set of skills and expertise. There are many that are willing and able to do the hard work of getting your appliance back into working condition for you. However, you will find that different appliance repair companies offer different things. Before you choose an appliance repair company to repair your appliances, there are some things you should look for, and some things to look out for when deciding.

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You have choices when it comes to appliance repair

Here are some things to consider before you hire an appliance repair company:

  • Research the potential hires education experience. Many companies advertise that they have a significant amount of time in business as their experience level. Consider that time in business doesn’t always equate to being properly trained. Appliances are made differently today than they were several years ago. A company with thirty years of experience may not be ready to fix your new appliance if they are not up to date with the latest technology and being trained on it properly. A company with well trained, accredited technicians will be happy to tell you all about the training and certification their employees have.
  • Find out if the appliance repair company is factory authorized. Besides being an issue of safety, being factory authorized means that the professional coming to your house has gone through a background check and has been trained by a certified trainer on the appliance they are repairing. Again, companies that are factory authorized will gladly discuss this aspect of the company, so just ask about it. PDQ Repair is factory authorized on virtually every name brand out there. To see a list of the brands that we service, visit our brand’s page.
  • Inquire about costs. Expect to pay up to $125 for a typical service call. You are hiring a professional technician to come to your house to look at your appliances with a professional eye. They deserve to be paid for their professional time and expertise. You are paying them for knowledge you don’t have.
  • Don’t get caught up in “special offers” where the company claims they will not charge you a service call fee. Most appliance repair companies (really, any repair company) will charge for service visits. Marketing offers that make you think you’re getting into a no-risk situation usually add that cost in later, causing you to pay more for the repair in the end.
  • Don’t decide on price alone. Don’t just go with the cheapest company, because you never know why they chose or need to be the lowest price. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to pay the highest price in order to get quality work, either. Instead, ask good questions. You are trying to find the best overall combination of knowledge, experience, and price.

When your appliances break down, you do not have to panic. The fix may be easy or it may take some time, but when you find a trusted appliance repair company, you can feel better knowing your appliances are in good hands.

Book an appliance repair appointment online or give PDQ Repair a call now and we’d be happy to answer your questions.

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  1. A lot of people wouldn’t think to do it, so I think it is great that your article recommends choosing a factory authorized services. After all, if the appliance repair shop has been authorized by the factory then that means that they get access to original replacement parts for your appliance. This is a big deal as it basically means that your appliances will get much more authentic replacement parts, giving them a longer lifespan.


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