From Our Kitchen To Yours : Clam Chowder

Every year, on February 25th, people come together to celebrate #nationalclamchowderday with a hot bowl of delicious clam chowder. There are many ways to prepare clam chowder which is basically a soup or stew made with clams and/or fish.

Who doesn’t LOVE a hot bowl of clam chowder?

To celebrate National Clam Chowder Day, we want to share with you our favorite clam chowder recipe.

Our family loves to make this clam chowder with fresh clams we harvest on the coast ourselves. Its a tradition we do every spring and winter. The whole family loves to dig for clams. If you’re not a fan of digging for clams or don’t have access to it, we’ve also included directions for using canned clams.

New England Style Clam Chowder

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The origin of the word “chowder” is up for a little bit of debate.  The French word for cauldron is “chaudiere”.  The English word “jowter” means fish peddler.  Both are on the hook for possible origins.

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