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The era of dryers with one setting (hot) is long gone. Now there are nearly as many ways to dry your clothes as there are to wash them. Here are the key elements to think about when it’s time to buy your first dryer or replace an old one.

Understanding the Basics

 Today’s dryers don’t just blast hot air on your clothes as they tumble round and round. Advanced options and myriad settings now let you customize the drying cycle to match the type of garment you’re cleaning. While the basic design of the latest generation of dryers remains much the same, what’s under the hood is far more advanced.

Start by assessing your needs before you commit to a purchase. Don’t base your decision solely on the outside design of a refrigerator; consider your family’s shopping, eating and cleaning habits to make sure you get the best appliance for your needs.

    • Size and Capacity
      As washers have increased in size, dryers have naturally followed suit. Space can be an issue for some shoppers, especially if you’re replacing both a washer and dryer at the same time. Make sure you’ve measured your laundry room and bring a tape measure to the appliance store. Capacity is key, as well. Be sure your new dryer can handle all of the clothes from a single load of washing. If your washer is very large, a 7.5-cubic foot model like the Samsung DV457 dryer can handle all your laundry with ease.


  • Front vs. Top Loading
    Like washers, dryers come in both front- and top-loading designs. Both types of dryers tend to perform equally well, but front-load dryers that pair with front-load washers are more energy efficient, have front controls for ease of use, and have more feature availability and cycle options.



    • Cleaning Cycles and Options
      Advanced dryers feature special cycles including heavy duty drying modes for thicker fabrics like bedding and more gentle modes for permanent press and delicate items. The Samsung DV456 dryer features 11 drying modes, including a “Wrinkle Release” system that helps get the kinks out of your clothes without ironing.


  • Controls
    Simple knobs and buttons remain common on dryers, but advanced models like the Samsung DV457 dryer include a touchscreen to control every detail of your clothes drying operation. The digital display lets you see at a glance how close to dry your clothing is, so you don’t over-dry.



Other Details to Consider

 Once you’ve settled on the basic features for a dryer, it’s time to move on to some additional details.
    • Wireless Connectivity
      Want to check and see if the laundry is done? Some next-generation dryers like the Samsung DV457 connect to your Wi-Fi® network and can let your Samsung Galaxy device know if the cycle is done, even if you aren’t home.


  • Steam Drying
    This mode, available on some high-end dryers, helps to remove odors and reduce wrinkles and the need for ironing.



  • Moisture Sensor
    A moisture sensor takes the guesswork out of how long you need to dry your clothes, shutting the dryer off automatically when clothes are no longer damp.



  • Noise Level
    Consider where your dryer will sit when selecting a unit. Louder models won’t be as welcome near living areas.



    • Color
      You aren’t stuck with vanilla white and hot pink any more. Choose a machine that complements your décor.

More Questions to Ask

 You may need to dig into the deeper specs when debating the finer points of one dryer vs. another. Here are some key additional questions to ask yourself or a salesperson while shopping.
    • Gas or electric? Electric dryers are more popular and less expensive, but you’ll save money in the long run if you have gas hookups available.


  • Can the dryer be checked easily for trouble? Samsung’s DV457 lets you run a quick diagnostic test and look up fixes on your mobile phone.
  • Is a system available to remind you when to clean the dryer vent? Samsung’s VentSensor lets you know when lint is blocking the filter.



  • Can the dryer be programmed to start at a later time?


Key Points to Remember

Need a quick tutorial? Here are a few quick points for you to keep in mind when you are shopping for a dryer.


  • Size your dryer to ensure that it is large enough to handle a full load from your washer. And be sure it fits in your laundry room.



  • Multiple mode availability—including steam drying, delicate, and special fabric modes—means you won’t have to drip-dry as much of your laundry.



  • Consider gas models if you have gas hookups.



  • Check the noise level. You don’t want a noisy dryer near living areas.


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