How to Find Product Manuals and Documentation

Just about every appliance or gadget ever made comes with a manual. Owner’s manual’s are the key to providing help when you have a question. Most often, they can be answered from a quick glance at the manual. That is, assuming you kept it. Whether or not your a connoisseur of saving important files, or you’re the professional “round filer”, being able to find information quickly is a top concern. That’s one of the reasons why digital files are great, especially if they are searchable.

Digital files are great, especially if they are searchable.

Store Manuals on the Cloud

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be one of the people who get their manual in an electronic format upfront. If so, then a great way to save them is to a program such as Evernote, Google Drive, or iCloud. Even if you received a physical copy, save your digital copies in a specific folder online. It is a smart place to store your electronic manuals so that you can find them later.

Visit the Manufacturer Website

Most companies have a cache of documents going back years. You’ll need to know your model number. This is usually found on the appliance itself.

One fairly safe way to navigate different manufacturer websites is to click on links such as “Service or “Support” to get to the spot where you can find your product. Once there, simple put in your model number and there should be a downloadable manual available.

A few examples are below:

Search Google

In some cases, you can find the manual for a specific appliance from a quick Google search. There are a number of websites that do nothing but collect copies of manuals and docs. Not all websites are free to download a copy of your manual. So your first stop should always be with the manufacturer.

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