Why You Need to Clean the Lint Filter Every Time

You’ve heard that you need to clean the dryer lint trap after every load, but is it true?

Why Do You Clean a Dryer Lint Filter?

The lint screen catches fibers that are agitated from clothing, towels and linens while they tumble around the dryer. The lint screen prevents them from obstructing the dryer hose which could lead to a host of problems, such as:

  • Higher Energy Bills. If the screen is clogged with a thick layer of lint, the dryer has to work harder to dry the clothes which in turns leads to higher energy bills. Cleaning the dryer lint from the screen allows more air to flow out into the exhaust vent and equally allow for efficient operation.
  • Longer Drying Times. Proper airflow is needed to dry your clothes in a single cycle. If you have to continually add time to each dry cycle because you’re clothes are still damp, it might be because your lint screen is clogged.
  • Risk of Fire. Clogged lint screen can lead to dryer fires. Dryers generate a lot of heat, and at high temperatures. And lint is highly flammable.
  • Replace or Repair Quicker. Any time you can help a machine work at it’s highest effieciency, the more you decrease overall wear and tear. This reduces the need for emergency repairs and helps the appliance last longer.

How Often Do You Clean a Lint Filter?

It’s true! You should clean the lint filter between every batch of clothes. A good habit is to remove lint from the screen either before or after every load. Some of the new dryers will even automatically remind you to check the lint filter before starting your next load. But if it doesn’t, using a dry erase marker works as a great reminder aid. Simply write yourself a note on the door or top of your dryer. Post-it’s work, too!

This note my sister left on the dryer for her roommates. from pics

How to Find Your Dryer Lint Trap

Some dryers have easily accessible lint screen such as just inside the door, while others might be harder to find. Checking your manual for location and proper techniques is always your best bet. However, here are some possible places you can check:

  • Just inside the door. Open the dryer door and peek inside. If the lint screen is located here, you might see a small raised handle or a screen in the shape of a shallow channel. You may be able to simply scoop lint out of the channel with your finger, or you can pull up on the handle to remove lint from the trap.
  • On the dryers back wall. Open the dryer door and look at the back wall for an oblong cutout with holes in it. Insert a finger and thumb into the holes and pull the lint trap from the wall. Squeeze the sides to open it and you can clean the lint out.
  • On the top of the dryer: This one should be easy to spot right near where the controls are located. You should see a handle you can pull on to removed the lint screen from it’s channel and remove the lint.

How to Clean Dryer Sheet Residue from a Lint Screen

Dryer sheets and fabric softeners can leave behind a gunky reside that you may need to remove from your lint screen. If you notice that your lint screen is in need of a gentle cleaning, soak it in hot water. You’ll want to make sure you use a little bit of dish washing soap that is designed to remove grease and oil. Gently scrub the screen with a soft brush, rinse and let air dry before reinserting it into the slot.

Why Hire a Professional Appliance Company?

Have you tried all the tips and tricks listed above and your clothes are still not drying properly? You might have a more serious issue. At PDQ Repair, our qualified experts would be more than happy to help you diagnose the problem. We’re upfront about our pricing so you know exactly what you’re getting. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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